My approach and focus

My specialty is individual, couple and family therapy sessions informed by attachment theory, trauma and when needed sex therapy. My office is conveniently located at Columbus Circle. We all bring the conscious and unconscious adaptations of our childhood into our adult relationships. When our childhood was less than optimal in terms of the “care” of our caretakers we learn to get what we need in ways that get us through our childhood.   I believe parents generally do the best they can as parents but there are times when the parent’s best is not “good enough.” This doesn’t mean the parents were bad parents or bad people it just means that the child didn’t get what they needed at the time they needed it. Maybe the parent was unavailable, exhausted from working, depressed or struggling with the relationship with their significant other.

These childhood adaptations may get us through childhood but can wreak havoc on our adult relationships since those adaptation get wired into our brain. This can happen before we have memories. In addition to the challenges of childhood relationship disruptions (aka Attachment) we may have been subjected to physical or sexual abuse or traumatic life events like accidents, medical crisis or death in the family. These traumas create further disruptions in our ability to have a satisfying childhood and adult life. Since childhood attachment challenges and early life trauma frequently come up in therapy I felt it was important to get trained in trauma, attachment and sex therapy. Sex Therapy has also proven to be a useful tool in individual and couples therapy. On occasion attachment or trauma based adaptations will disrupt one’s sex life.

I am certified in EMDR and trained in Neurofeedback and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (attachment based) and a certified sex therapist. EMDR and Neurofeedback are two of the key trauma treatment therapies recommended in the book; BODY KEEPS THE SCORE by Bessel van der Kolk, MD. Research demonstrates how the brain and our emotional lives interact and how with assistance we can change our brain and our lives. The good news is that our brain is changeable. This changeability in the brain is called neuroplasticity. Click here to see the list of treatment methods I use. Then please click on the treatment method (e.g. EMDR) that you are interested in to learn more. If you would like more information on the problems or conditions (e.g. Anxiety) that I treat please click here.